Why you should use a secure password

Again and again we come across passwords like “Hund”, “Sommer”, “Maxi” or “Schatz” when working with customers. Each of these passwords would be easily cracked the first time the dictionary was attacked. If you use such a password, you have either been lucky so far that no one has ever tried to find out your password to get your data. Or maybe your boss or ex-boyfriend is already reading your private emails or messages in your Facebook account? To protect your data from unauthorized access, you therefore need an absolutely secure password!




What are insecure passwords?

Passwords are often the only protection mechanism for your private data. The easiest and most common way to find out your password is to guess (dictionary attack). THEREFORE YOU SHOULD NEVER USE A REAL EXISTING WORD. Often just names of loved ones, family or pets are used. You can save yourself a password here, because unfortunately these passwords do not offer sufficient security for your data against hacker attacks.

What does a secure password look like?

The best password is a purely random password, consisting of all characters and special characters that your keyboard provides. Of course, these passwords are difficult to remember. However, if it is really important data, you should still use a randomly generated word such as We? Y! Mi89 & use. Passwords combined from letters and numbers are somewhat more secure, e.g. "Sommer19" is better than "Sommer", but these combinations are still very easy to crack! Try it e.g. with sOm8mEr and secure your data from impending hacker attacks. Be creative when choosing your passwords and avoid the risk of data loss!

How can you easily remember your password?

Are you afraid to forget your password and therefore only ever use easy-to-remember words or names? To make your password secure, you should avoid this procedure. With a donkey bridge you can easily memorize the most difficult password combinations! Everyone knows proverbs like "the ball is round & the round must be square" make it the password DbiR & DRmiE. Mix one or two numbers into the letters and your secure password is ready.

How do you achieve the highest possible security for your data?

Use the following tips to create secure passwords that guarantee very high protection:

Be "random" in choosing your password.

Change your password regularly.

Never save your password unencrypted (in readable text) on your hard drive.

Use as many different characters as possible

Bring special characters

Avoid names as passwords

Never reveal your password

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