How to Set up a Blog Page


BoldGrid retains the original blogging capabilities that come with WordPress. While you can make virtually any kind of website with your combined BoldGrid/WordPress installation, you may want to include a blogging platform for updates, news, and fresh content. In this article, we will show you how to set up a blog page in BoldGrid and start posting in a few simple steps.


We must create a blog page first in order for your visitors to see your posts:

  1. Click Pages2. Choose Add Blank3. Enter title (anything you prefer, but we’ll use “blog” for this example).4. Click Publish.5. Note the permalink (this is the link for your blog page).6. Under Settings choose Blog.7. For Posts page: choose your new page (the one created above).Now your blog posts will display on the page we selected as our Posts page.


Now that we have created a page to display our posts, follow the steps below to start posting:

  1. Select Blog Posts.2. Click Add New.3. Enter a title and content for your post.4. (Consider adding tags and categories; this helps organize your posts).5. When ready, click Publish.

Click the permalink or View post to see your post live. Well done! We have just created a blog page and added a post. Remember that your blog page is available at the permalink you retrieved when you created the blog page. Feel free to share that link, so others can see your new blog.

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