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News: PHISHING: Fake email on behalf of ORC web hosting

Published: 12.10.2021

Currently, e-mails with the title: & nbsp; Warning !! Mailbox Storage Full.

A phishing scam designed to trick you into providing your email account and password. < / p>

It comes in something like this:

Subject: Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit

The content reads roughly as on the screenshot:

& nbsp;

In addition, admin@orcwebhosting.com is used as the sender. ORC Webhosting NEVER uses this email address in an email sent by the system .

The twist on this identity theft attempt is that these spammers use the "bit.ly" domain instead of an attachment to trick you and redirect you to the websites that host the fake forms for you to fill out to & ldquo; re-validate & ldquo; Your mailbox.

Action: Do not click any links and enter your email username and password no further - just ignore and delete

If you have filled out one of these forms - change your email password immediately!

If you are not sure what to do, first contact our support.

& nbsp;

ORC Webhosting GmbH